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Practicing healthy movement behaviours in the COVID-19 era

Canadians are being asked to practice physical distancing to decrease the spread of COVID-19 in the community. Many Canadians now work from home, cancelling large meetings, and generally limiting their physical interactions with their colleagues, peers, and family.

These new restrictions may affect the physical and mental health of Canadians. Now more than ever is the time to adhere to healthy lifestyle behaviours, including a good night’s sleep, engaging in regular exercise, and moderating your sedentary time to maintain a healthy immune system and build a strong defence. Getting some time outdoors every day if you can, is also important to combat feelings of depression and anxiety that may come with self-isolation.

What does adhering to healthy movement behaviours look like? The Canadian Society for Exercise Physiology has published Canadian 24-Hour Movement Guidelines for the early years, children and youth, and Canadian Physical Activity Guidelines for adults, and older adults.

Learn more about Canadian 24-Hour Movement Guidelines

Please note that the information published here is based on current recommendations. However, the situation surrounding COVID-19 is constantly evolving and recommendations may be subject to change. For updated information, please check with your local public health authority.


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