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Employee Portal Orientation

The MD Employee Portal is a central hub where staff can stay informed, download documents, connect with supervisors and more. As the MD grows, so too do the needs of its employees to stay connected and informed. If you're brand new to the portal, or if you haven't visited in a while, here's what we've been up to.

The Four Main Sections

The Employee Portal focuses on four areas:

  1. COVID-19 Updates
    The MD is dedicated to supporting all staff during this difficult time. This section contains the latest internal news and protocols; downloadable posters and info sheets; and curated regional and provincial resources to help deal with a variety of challenges related to the COVID-19 Pandemic.
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  2. Wellness
    The MD prioritizes the health and wellness of its employees. Many events over the past year have made this section of the portal even more vital. Here you can find mental health supports for COVID-19, bereavement and family issues; information on the Family Services Employee Assistance Program (FSEAP); reference materials for your Sun Life Group benefits; and other important resources.
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  3. Human Resources
    The Human Resources section helps facilitate a two-way dialogue between staff and management. Here you can connect with HR to compliment a co-worker for a job well done , share ideas or submit a complaint. You can browse current policies to help you stay informed of your rights and responsibilities. There's also an Employee Recognition program where you can browse a catalogue of gift items available to employees who achieve service milestones.
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  4. Communications
    The MD's Communications department is the central source for brand assets and business tools, marketing materials and more. This section contains smart forms that help guide your communications requests (from basic business collateral to website edits) along the right paths and get them completed to your specifications. In addition to its business-related functions, this section will soon allow employees to upload their MD-related photos, or explore the MD's branded merchandise program.
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Let's Grow This Together

As an employee of the MD, it’s important that you have tools at your fingertips to access important information and to do your job. From benefit and wellness information to downoadable policies, internal notifications, smart forms and more, the Employee Portal (also referred to as an "intranet") is designed with you in mind.

Your feedback about the information and resources available on the portal is vital to its evolution. Feel free to share your recommendations on where we should go from here.


This portal is designed as a central hub for news, documents and other vital employee resources.

Please note that this is not public-facing content. All content on this portal is for use by Lesser Slave River employees only.