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New Tools in the Human Resources Section

We're excited about the Employee Portal and its potential to inform and engage MD staff - both in the office and out in the field. We've got ambitious plans for the portal, but we're also proud of its present state. In particular, the Human Resources section is worth a look.

In addition to some design and speed enhancements, the Human Resources section has some new features worth checking out, including:

Employee Credentials
Use the online forms in this section to submit a request for new business cards, or for an emergency authorization pass. Once submitted, your request will be reviewed by the Human Resources department before it gets submitted for production.
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Employee Feedback
Share great ideas; compliment a colleague; file a complaint; and provide other input to the MD. Want to recognize a colleague? Have an idea on how to improve a function or service? Use the forms below to let us know.
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Employee Recognition
The Service Milestones program is designed to recognize continuing service achievements of MD staff. It's a token of gratitude to acknowledge the time you've spent making our rugged-and-real region even better.
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HR Policies
The MD’s Human Resources policies provide guidance for staff during the handling of employee-related matters and procedures.
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Take a few moments to explore the Human Resources section and see what it can do for you. As this section continues to evolve in the coming months, we encourage staff to share their insights on how we can make it even better.

Our ultimate goal is to make the portal an engaging, useful and intrinsic part of every MD employee's tool set.


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