Covid-19 Administration Updates

The latest internal updates for MD staff

Message to Staff from the CAO

I wanted you to be aware that we will be proposing updates to Policy K.5 – Casual Illness/Medical Appointments/Illness at Work and Policy K.19 Special Leave to reflect our current environment of COVID, and taking them to Council for discussion on April 13th.

Proposed changes will include:

  • When a medical certificate (doctor’s note) is required
  • Update to incorporate COVID protocols
  • Wordsmithing to bring the policies up to date (both policies were drafted and approved in 2007)

It is important to note that with the lifting of COVID restrictions, we have also rescinded our “work from home” protocol.

Going forward, unless you have a pre-existing work from home arrangement with your supervisor (pre-COVID), you will be required to work at your usual worksite. Further to my email from the other day, if you are sick, we ask that you stay home (utilizing your casual illness allotment) as has been our practice prior to COVID. And for safety reasons, during your regular work hours your supervisor should be made aware of your location – for instance, if you normally work at the SL Main Office but are intending on travelling to the Flatbush sub-office, you must let your supervisor know.

If you have any questions about this, please feel free to reach out to me or Debbie Conrad. We would be happy to provide clarity if need be.

Barry Kolenosky
Chief Administrative Officer
Municipal District of Lesser Slave River No.124

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